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112 mm floor profiles

The Cargo Floor loading and unloading system is delivered as standard with 21 moving floor profiles that may have a double seal floor profile. The double seal profile is a closing profile that has a sealing section on both sides. This means that fully sawing the side profile is unnecessary. Deviating quantities such as 18, 24, 27, etc. are also possible upon request.

Single seal profile moving floor profile 20.0360 2
Double seal profile
moving floor profile 21.0549.png

In principle, all profiles can be driven on using a forklift truck; however, ask your body builder which weights are allowed!

6 mm thick
the absolute ultimate standard

This moving floor profile is basically suitable for every type of product to be transported because of its balanced strength/weight ratio. Contamination and leaks are stopped and splash water from the road does not penetrate into the load because of the unique shape, precise tolerances and unique three dimensional sealing profile. The profile is suitable for both aluminium and plastic end caps. The reciprocal plastic bearing is enclosed while being protected within the shape of the profile and ensures excellent stability with regard to the floor profile and is protected against street dirt coming from outside. In addition, the very large support and bearing area ensures an extremely long service life. This can be achieved even without any form of maintenance! Cleaning using cleaners and a high-pressure cleaner is allowed without compromise.


moving floor profiel 20.0360The ribbing is meant to provide grip and bearing to the product to be conveyed; mainly to guide pallets so that they turn less.

112 6 rib 1.png112 6 rib 2.png

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Single seal: 20.0360
Double seal: 21.0549


moving floor profiel 22.0547The 6 mm smooth profile is basically the same as the 6 mm standard ribbed profile with regard to shape and weight. The only difference is the fact that the grip and bearing ribs are not present on this profile. This has been done especially to prevent product damage. This moving floor profile is therefore extra suitable for the conveyance of paper rolls and agricultural products.

112 6 glad 1.png112 6 glad 2.png

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Single seal: 22.0547
Double seal: 23.0548

8 mm thick
The ultimate intermediate solution

This ‘intermediate’ profile has the same shape and properties as the standard 6 mm profile. The only difference is the thickness and therefore more stability is created for a more intensive use. The risk of deformation of the profile because of impact or because a forklift truck is driven over it will be reduced. If you can or want to bridge the weight increase, we definitely recommend this moving floor profile.

112 8 rib 1.png112 8 rib 2.png

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Single seal: 24.3752
Double seal: 29.3753

Single seal: 37.1505
Double seal: 38.1506

10 mm thick
The heavy duty all-rounder

Impact, can be driven on and is wear resistant: nothing is too much for this profile. It has the same functional values as the 6 mm standard profile, but this moving floor profile can withstand basically any product or machine that you may want to transport.

112 10 rib 1.png112 10 rib 2.png

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Single seal: 25.0550
Double seal: 26.0551

Single seal: 27.0552
Double seal: 28.0553

7 mm thick

XD X-treme durable hard alloy aluminium

Schuifvloer profiel 33.5046

This unique aluminium profile is made of a specially designed hard alloy aluminium for transport applications such as frequent loading and unloading as well as products that have a higher abrasiveness. It is also the extreme and high-quality alternative for steel profiles and especially when multifunctionality (pallet transport, flat floor and use a forklift truck on it) and weight are key. More information.

The lightest, the strongest and the most wear resistent!

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Single seal: 33.5046
Double seal: 34.5268

The end sealing cap

Cargo Floor einkapThe aluminium profiles are sealed using a plastic end cap as standard. It is provided under an angle of 45 degrees and ensures good sealing on the rear side of your vehicle. An aluminium version can also be supplied as an option.

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Plastic: 4104001.1
Aluminium: 5164002.1

The seal

Cargo Floor afdichting sealThis consists of a unique plastic composite (Nobraforte), which usually has a longer service life than the aluminium. The design of the seal has been made in such a way that the cargo cannot leak out and that splashing water and mud from the road surface cannot penetrate inside.

Seals and accessories