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Moving floor bearing

The aluminium floor profiles that can be supplied with the Cargo Floor moving floor loading and unloading systems are supported by hard-wearing plastic bearings.


Cargo floor moving floor geleiding 4107002The patented TWISTER can be installed easily and quickly without tools on the subdeck tube. The aluminium floor profile is borne completely internally by the thickest part of the profile because of the sophisticated structure.
Cargo Floor 4107002 geleiding

25 x 25 Twister tube (112 mm, aluminium): 
25 x 25 individual tube: 
40 x 25 Twister Wide tube (156.8 mm, aluminium):
40 x 25 individual tube:

25 x 25 mm bearing

4107001 geleiderIt must be installed by using simple tools on a 25 x 25 tube. This bearing has the same properties as the Twister but has four vertical legs. This is the old bearing model for the Twister and can be exchanged with the Twister.

Item number: 4107001

Moving floor Kick Twister

4107005-kick-twisterThe Kick Twister ensures that the moving floor profiles can be installed from the top (without sliding movements). This is very practical when the installation space is limited.Cargo Floor 4107005 kick twister gif

Item number: 4107005

Plastic guide combs

Cargo Floor 4103009 4103010Our patented plastic guide combs can be directly screwed on to or hammered into a crossbeam. The linear forces are absorbed because of the so-called saddle-principle of the guide comb and the comb cannot slide off the crossbeam.

Guide comb for the 21 plank system
7/112, H32, white: 4103010
7/112, H35, orange: 4103009
Guide comb for the 15 plank system 
3/156,8 H32, red: 4107036

Moving floor Snap-on bearing 

Cargo Floor 4107024The Cargo snap-on bearing is a continuous bearing with anti-splash facility that has a unique design with which a continuous solid bearing can be created if required.

Anti-lifting/Hold down
The bearing cannot rise up from the support rail because of the unique hooks that clamp on to this support rail. This will ensure that the floor profiles are kept in their position at all times.

The Anti-splash Lip prevents any splashing street dirt ending up in the support rail and contaminating the inside of the floor profiles. This limits wear from the bottom to a minimum.

Aluminium support rail
The special aluminium square 25 x 25 U-profile provides the reciprocal stability between the crossbeams, but also provides the support and anti-lifting of the plastic Cargo snap-on bearing. This profile can also be used for the standard bearings including the Cargo Twister. This aluminium U-profile can also be installed on a steel structure.

Simple and ergonomic installation

  1. You can press the Cargo snap-on bearings vertically from the top into the aluminium support rail.
  2. You can slide the Cargo snap-on bearings into the aluminium support rail (at the start and end of the rail, a stopper is pressed on it vertically so that the bearings are enclosed).41070023 41070024 gif

Bearing: 4107023
Bearing stopper: 4107024
U-profiel: 692.4214

Anti-lifting block

Cargo Floor 4107006The anti-lifting block has been developed to offer additional certainty against any lifting of the floor profiles because of the product and/or a forklift truck. The standard bearings already include this function. Can also be positioned after the floor has been installed.

Item number: 4107006

Support plate

4107004 support plateThe support plate has been developed to give the floor additional strength if, for example, it can be expected that there will be a significant impact because of the product to be transported. The forces will then be passed on directly to the crossbeams of the substructure through the floor profiles. The support plate can be installed over the crossbeams without using tools and without further attachment with a maximum top flange width of 60 mm.

Item number: 4107004