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The Cargo Floor moving floor 'sliding floor' system is a multifunctional operating unloading and loading system with which you can transport (unload and/or load) very different products fast and efficiently horizontally (without having to tip).
Firstly, this transport system is extremely suitable for unloading very different bulk products that are normally loaded from the top and are safely unloaded horizontally through the rear side by the Cargo Floor 'sliding floor'. Secondly, you can also load and unload packaged products such as pallets, paper rolls, etc

Mobile moving floor: in a trailerMoving floor

Static moving floor: bunker & factorymoving floor

Safe, efficient, cost-effective & reliable

Cargo Floor systems are not only designed to move products faster, safer and smarter, but in particular also cheaper than conventional options. Important features are:

  • extremely safe
  • working horizontally
  • durability
  • environmentally friendly
  • no physical exertion
  • maximum volume
  • light in weight
  • low operating costs (low maintenance)
  • efficient
  • profitable
  • reliable
  • both quick loading and unloading
  • short payback period

Moving floor operation

Loading and unloading based on friction differences between a sliding floor and the product

The Cargo Floor moving floor transport system is based on the friction principle between the floor and load. The loading and unloading floor on which the product is positioned consists of loose profiles that are positioned in parallel next to each other that are subdivided into three groups. The floor can move as a whole in one direction and the load will shift with it; or every group moves individually and the load remains in place. There is no other floor under the loading and unloading floor. The moving floor's drive unit is installed here for moving the floor sections.

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Mobile moving floor in a semitrailer

Optimum efficiency
'No empty kilometres anymore!!!
oplegger tekening met ovaal

Cargo Floor suitable for integration in


Fully hydraulic and therefore atmospheric conditions and pollution have absolutely no influence on the working and performance of the system. 

Cargo floor moving floor grind transport Cargo floor moving floor metaal transport



Stationary moving floor in bunkers/factories

The ultimate moving floor conveyor/metering system

Cargo Floor moving floor factory.png Cargo Floor moving floor factory 2.png

Our Cargo Floor sliding floor system is, in addition to the fact that it can be installed in trailers, extremely suitable as a continuous conveyor system for the automatic conveyance of large quantities of bulk products that will therefore feed the production process in an accurate metered manner. Cargo Floor is simply your best partner for advice, design and realisation (turnkey solutions).

The moving floor is often used as:

Bulk products are stored in a buffered manner within this context to, subsequently, feed them fast and in a controlled manner to the production processes and also filling of large volume Cargo Floor semitrailers. 

Key features

  • Realisation on virtually any location indoors or outdoors and can be integrated into existing systems/structures. 
  • Simple communication with other systems such as conveyor belts, screw conveyors, shredders, presses, ovens, etc.
  • The system operates autonomously, but can be easily connected to, for example, sensors, weighing units, interval timers, etc.
  • Ranging from small (10 m3) to large volumes (>1200 m3).
  • High tonnages: nearly unlimited floor load possible (1-500 t).
  • Can be driven on by supplying vehicles and shovels.
  • Can be realised under an angle of inclination.
  • High reliability due to a sophisticated maintenance-free construction.
  • The conveyance speed can be accurately controlled as from 0-2.5 m/minute.
  • First in -> first out.
  • 2 directions: forwards and backwards. 
  • Floors made of steel, aluminium or plastic.
  • Tailor-made solutions for every application including:
    • 100% leak proof: when the product may not leak through the floor.
    • Systems that can operate at high temperatures. 
    • Floors with high impact resistance.