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Technical Data
Cargo Floor moving floor

Drive unit CF800 HD

CF800 07-2021

Weight (from) (kg)1038
Available in Cargo Bulkmover executionYes
Operating possibilitiesE/B/A
Cylinder bore (mm)100
Piston rod diameter (mm)55
Working stroke (mm)200
Cylinder volume (ltr)5.3
Oil volume per cycle (ltr)16
Working pressure (bar)170
Max. working pressure (bar)225
Advised oil flow per minute (ltr)110
Max. oil flow per minute (ltr)130
Pressure filter (μm)10
Speed at advised oil flow (m/min)1.4
Speed at max. oil flow (m/min)1.6
Theoretical unloading time 13.6m trailer (min)12
Max. loading capacity (ton)80
Advised pump capacity
(2-line system):
Flow (ltr/min)110
Max. pressure (bar)250
Pressure piping diameter (mm)20x2 
Return piping diameter (mm)25x2
Oil tank filling at advised flow (ltr)100
Oil tank filling at max. flow (ltr)130
Max. oil temperature100 ºC

Oil type: mineral and biological (hees)
Temperature range:
ISO VG32 = -15 < 30 °C
ISO VG46 = 15 < 40 °C
ISO VG22 = 25 < -15 °C