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Cargo Floor moving floor


CF600 Moving Floor

The measurements given in this instruction start with the metric system after which the US/imperial measurement is given.

Weight (from) (kg) [lbs]538 [1186]
Available in Cargo Bulkmover executionYes
Operating possibilitiesE
Cylinder bore (mm) [inch]120 [4.7]
Piston rod diameter (mm) [inch]45 [1.8]
Working stroke (mm) [inch]200 7.9]
Cylinder volume (ltr) [gallon]4,2 [1.1]
Oil volume per cycle (ltr) [gallon]12,6 [3.3]
Working pressure (bar) [PSI]130 [1900]
Max. pressure (bar) [PSI]170 [2500]
Advised oil flow per minute (ltr) [gallon]110 [29]
Max. oil flow per minute (ltr) [gallon]130 [34]
Pressure filter (μm)10
Speed at advised oil flow per minute (m/min) [ft/min]1,7 [5.6]
Speed at max oil flow per minute (m/min) [ft/min]2,1 [6.8]
Theoretical unloading time trailer 13.6mtr (min)9
Max. loading capacity (metric ton) [US ton]50 [55]
Advised pump capacity (2-line system): 
Flow per minute (ltr/min) [gpm]110 [29]
Max. pressure (bar) [PSI]200 [3000]
Pressure piping diameter (mm) [inch]25x2 [1x0.08]
Return piping diameter (mm) [inch]30x2 [1.18x0.08]
Oil tank filling at advised flow (ltr) [gallon]100 [26]
Oil tank filling at max. flow (ltr) [gallon]130 [34]
Max. oil temperature (ºC) [ºF]100 [210]

Oil type: mineral and biological (hees)
Temperature range:
ISO VG32 = -15 < 30 °C [5 < 86 ºF]
ISO VG46 = 15 < 40 °C [59 < 104 ºF]
ISO VG22 = -25 < -15°C [-13 < 5 ºF]