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Alu profile 10/97mm ribbed

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Article number: 42.9257

Part of the following drive units:
  • CF100 SLL
  • CF300
  • CF500 SL
  • CF500 SL-2
  • CF500 SLC

Parts related to Alu profile 10/97mm ribbed

Seal for floorprofiles L.175 meter [191yd.]

Article number: 4008003

Seal for floorprofiles L.293 meter [320yd.]

Article number: 4008006

Seal for floorprofiles L.55 meter

Article number: 4008011

Plastic bearing Cargo Floor (25x25mm)

Article number: 4107001

Plastic bearing block "Cargo Twister"

Article number: 4107002

Plastic endcap blue for profile 97 mm.

Article number: 4104002.1

Aluminium endcap for profile 97 mm

Article number: 5164001.1