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LR series: 100% leak proof
CF3 LP-2

A compact 100% watertight system

CF3 LP aandrijfsysteem gif

  • The drive units are fully preserved in KTL against oxidation as standard.

  • Drive unit at the same crossbeam height of the semitrailer chassis.

  • Double chromed solid piston rods.

  • Standard high-pressure feed-line filter.

  • Passivated hydraulic pipes.

  • The control valve is installed outside the chassis as standard and can therefore be easily reached.

  • All valves/cylinders are protected against dirt from the road.

  • Common-rail technology.

  • All hydraulic components are of the highest quality and are fully CNC produced in the Netherlands.

  • Also suitable for the sealed deck slat model!

This 100% watertight Cargo Floor sliding floor system has been developed for the transport of environmentally burdening products that are either in bulk or compressed into bales. The system is extremely suitable for the transport and transfer of HOUSEHOLD WASTE and green waste.Cargo Floor moving floor leak proof

If you want a 100% watertight moving floor system in your trailer, you must then install a front mount drive unit of the CF3 LP type. The loss of loading space is minimised by the unique compact design and because the space in the front radius of the trailer is used. The slanted sealing partition also protects the drive unit.Cargo Floor moving Floor Leak Proof

Floor structure


moving floor aluminium profiel

A subdeck is used in relation to the LP series that ensures that the floor is completely sealed. The subdeck can be easily installed on both a steel and an aluminium subframe and be simply screwed or riveted on to the subdeck outside the watertight section. You barely need to weld because the subdeck profiles are simply clicked into each other and sealed using silicone. The solid plastic bearing is installed on the subdeck that bears and supports the aluminium floor profiles (deck slat) entirely.

LP deck slat

Cargo Floor aluminium profielen

The space between this moving floor profiles (deck slat profiles) is mainly self-cleaning, but can be easily and efficiently cleaned with a broom or high-pressure jetter because of its shape.

LR sealed
Cargo Floor aluminium profielen

It may be important in certain situations that the open spaces between the profiles are sealed so that you have a fully flat loading floor. If this is what you require, we recommend the sealed deck slat profile.

It is, however, important to know that moisture and products may run along the seal and end up in the closed-off intermediate space that is underneath. This dirt must be removed from time to time to prevent the sliding floor profile from becoming stuck. Most dirt and liquids will end up in the underlying drainage channel (on the unloading side) on their own. They must, naturally, be emptied and cleaned from time to time. This, however, is a simple operation.