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Steel moving floor profiles

For the Cargo Floor loading and unloading system

‘Transport of abrasive materials without compromise’

Cargo Floor moving floor trailer

The steel L-shape moving floor profile

L-shape 3 op een rijIs weight not the most important issue? But the degree to which the moving floor profiles are hard-wearing is? We then recommend choosing the super strong and hard-wearing L-shape floor profile.

  • Pressure seal because of the overlap (no plastic seal)
  • Can be easily cleaned (no residue)
  • High wear resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Can be driven on with a loaded forklift truck
  • High temperature resistance
  • Easy to install

This profile can, for example, be deployed in relation to the transport of:

  • Sand
  • Rubble
  • Gravel
  • Recycled asphalt
  • Stones
  • Glass
  • Steel scrap metal
  • Aluminium waste
Moving floor L-shape bearing
moving floor L-shape profile.png