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LR (leak resist) series
​CF500 SLC

This Cargo Floor leak resistant centre drive system is the ultimate solution not to burden the environment when transporting moisture-containing ‘waste’ products.

Cargo Floor believes it is important that the environment is burdened negatively as little as possible and since any possible leaks of products is quickly regarded as an environmental offence, Cargo Floor developed the LR series sliding floor drive unit. Liquid-containing (waste0 products can be transported safely and in an environmentally friendly manner by deploying this sliding floor drive unit.

Moving floor CF500

  • Standard 15-plank model.

  • The drive units are fully preserved in KTL against oxidation as standard.

  • Drive unit at the same crossbeam height of the semitrailer chassis.

  • Double chromed solid piston rods.

  • Standard high-pressure feed-line filter.

  • Passivated hydraulic pipes.

  • The control valve is installed outside the chassis as standard and can therefore be easily reached.

  • All valves/cylinders are protected against dirt from the road.

  • Common-rail technology.

  • All hydraulic components are of the highest quality and are fully CNC produced in the Netherlands.

Floor structure

Cargo Floor aluminium profielA special subdeck has been developed for the LR sliding floor where the Cargo Floor drive unit can be installed UNDER the floor as per usual. This subdeck ensures spilling of the product on the road is not possible and provides stability and high impact resistance of the floor and trailer. The ‘slide in’ principle of the subdeck ensures that installing this is fast and simple. A normal subdeck is no longer required either. All standard Cargo Floor drive units can be deployed as a drive with regard to this subdeck. Recesses are created in this subdeck in the LR sliding floor in order to bring about the connection between the moving floor profile and the standard Cargo Floor drive unit installed under the floor. There is a possibility that the floor may leak where these recesses can be found.

Cargo Floor leak resist LR A solid bearing is used that is installed over the full length of the floor under the moving floor profiles. The fact that ABSOLUTELY NO use is made of seals in relation to this leak resist floor solution is unique. The product to be transported cannot come in contact with the solid subdeck bearing either.

Cargo Floor Leak Resist LR

Cargo Floor schuifvloer

The space between the moving floor profiles is mainly self-cleaning, but can be cleaned very easily and efficiently using a broom or high-pressure jetter because of its shape.

LR sealed model

It may be necessary to have the open space between the profiles sealed in specific situations so that you have a completely flat load floor. If this is what you require, we recommend the sealed deck slat profile.

It is, however, important to know that moisture and products may run along the seal and end up in the closed-off intermediate space that is underneath. This dirt must be removed from time to time to prevent the sliding floor profile from becoming stuck. Most dirt and liquids will end up in the underlying drainage channel (on the unloading side) on their own. They must, naturally, be emptied and cleaned from time to time. This, however, is a simple operation.

Cargo Floor transport


The LR (leak resist) series and this moving floor system is not guaranteed 100% leaktight due to the subdeck installation of the system. Leaks that may possibly occur can only take place at the connections of the drive unit with the floor profiles. A collection container can prevent leaks reaching the road.

Cargo Floor LR opvangbak