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Guarantee terms and conditions

A guarantee will only be given provided that Cargo Floor B.V. has given consent in advance! You must always complete a guarantee claim form in relation to claiming on a guarantee and you must send this form to Cargo Floor B.V. You can find the guarantee claim form here.

The guarantee terms and conditions as specified in the last text of the Metaalunie terms and conditions filed with the Registry of the District Court of Rotterdam apply in full. They are available upon request.

A short extract is provided below.

A guarantee period of 12 months applies to all materials we have supplied belonging to the Cargo Floor system that will become effective with immediate effect after installation. In case of faults and/or manufacturing errors, we are only liable to issuing replacement parts free of charge if:

  • You are the first owner.
  • The Cargo Floor system has been integrated by your builder in accordance with our integration instructions.

  • Our maintenance and operating instructions have been observed.

  • In case of a fault, having informed the body builder or Cargo Floor about this immediately.

The following do not fall under the scope of the guarantee:

  • Faults to or caused by equipment that has not been supplied by Cargo Floor B.V.
  • Faults caused by contamination and/or use of incorrect oil.
  • Faults caused by overheated oil; maximum temperature of 100 °C  [212 °F].
  • Faults caused by overloading or improper use.
  • Faults caused by incorrect repairs or repairs carried out by third parties.
  • Faults caused by corrosive materials.
  • Filter elements and wear and tear parts that are subject to normal wear and tear.
  • Faults to electrical components as a result of poor connections and/or incorrect electrical voltages.
  • Consequential losses.

The guarantee will not apply if:

  • The system is used for objectives that are not recommended by Cargo Floor.
  • The TK unit has not been implemented as recommended in the Cargo Floor instructions.
  • The Cargo Floor system has not been installed correctly.
  • If a load is being transported that is higher than the statutory limit or indicated in the Cargo Floor instructions.
  • The Cargo Floor system is not integrated in the correct manner by your body builder insofar as this has a negative impact on the system.

Only for the first owner of a new loading and unloading system of Cargo Floor that is purchased through the factory or a distributor, Cargo Floor guarantees that the hydraulic parts and components of Cargo Floor will be free from defects with regard to materials and construction during a period of one year after the date of purchase by the first registered owner.

This guarantee does not apply with regard to normal wear or damage due to maintenance or heat and may not be regarded to be a maintenance contract.

Remark: Preventing excessive heat in the hydraulic system is the most import factor for a long service life of the system. Poor quality pumps, incorrect wet kits and hydraulic restrictions will lead to excessive heat and therefore the hydraulic system will be damaged. The guarantee will no longer apply in case of damage due to overheating.

Definition of normal use and maintenance:

Normal use and maintenance means the loading and/or unloading of uniformly distributed, non-corrosive, correctly fastened and secured, on properly maintained public roads, with a vehicle regarding which the gross loaded weight is not higher than the nominal capacity specified by the manufacturer.

Sole right of recourse:

If the product that falls under this does not meet the aforementioned guarantee provisions, the only liability of Cargo Floor and the only right of recourse of the owner in accordance with these guarantee provisions will be limited to the repair or replacement of the faulty part or parts at a location approved by your Cargo Floor dealer. This is the only right of recourse that the owner has in relation to all contractual claims and all claims based on unauthorised actions including those that are based on strict liability in case of unauthorised actions and negligence. Faulty parts must be sent carriage paid to the dealer who will contact Cargo Floor.

Cargo Floor does not offer any explicit, implicit or statutory guarantees with the exception of the cases that are explicitly specified above

And, in particular, no guarantees with regard to the suitability for a specific objective or guarantees for saleability. In addition, Cargo Floor cannot be held liable for incidental damage or consequential losses such us, but not limited to, loss of product use, towing costs, legal costs and the liability that you may be responsible for as a result of other reasons.

Disclaimer with regard to unauthorised actions:

Cargo Floor does not accept any liability with regard to unauthorised actions with the products including any liability based on strict liability in case of unauthorised actions and negligence.

If this guarantee is contrary to legislation and regulations, the following applies:

If a provision in this guarantee is contrary to legislation and regulations within a specific jurisdiction, this provision will not apply within the relevant jurisdiction while the other provisions of the guarantee shall remain in full force.