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Low pressure, high capacity


CF600 vink gif

  • The drive units are fully preserved in KTL against oxidation as standard.

  • Drive unit at the same crossbeam height of the semitrailer chassis.

  • Double chromed solid piston rods.

  • Standard high-pressure feed-line filter.

  • Passivated hydraulic pipes.

  • The control valve is installed outside the chassis as standard and can therefore be easily reached.

  • All valves/cylinders are protected against dirt from the road.

  • Common-rail technology.

  • All hydraulic components are of the highest quality and are fully CNC produced in the Netherlands.

  • Can be supplied as a standard or Bulkmover model.

The Cargo Floor CF600 HDC moving floor system has been especially designed for a hydraulic pump configuration where a high flow at a low pressure can be applied. In this situation, the system has at least the same capacity as the standard CF500 SLC, but even exceeds this extensively in possible power!

The integration sizes and geometry equal the ones of the CF500 SLC drive unit and the CF600 can therefore be installed on the vehicle in exactly the same manner without adjustments.