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Cargo Floor CF-TX remote control

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Dear visitor,

Never again: the remote control for your Cargo Floor moving floor lost - or empty - before use! Control your Cargo Floor moving floor system with your own Smartphone!

This free app only works in combination with the original Cargo Floor blue APP-receiver. The original APP receiver can also - simply - be installed afterwards on all existing trailers via the plug and play principle: plug the receiver in, download the app, connect and get started! If you do not yet have this original remote control, you can order it through your dealer or our webshop


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The Bluetooth signal determines the actual range and can be limited and vary! Make sure you remain in the Bluetooth range. When a disconnect occurs the Cargo Floor moving floor will, because of safety reasons, turn off automatically. You will have to re-connect again.

We wish you many safe kilometres and easy control with this app for your Cargo Floor.

With best regards,

Cargo Floor B.V.

Coevorden, The Netherlands