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Important information with regards to the supplied parts

You have bought an original quality part from us for your Cargo Floor moving floor or CargoMatic the logistic solution.

Cargo Floor B.V. stands for the quality and reliability of her transport systems and we also want to guarantee this when suppling parts. Cargo Floor B.V. therefore only supplies new and original quality parts. 


No overhaul and/or exchange of defective parts


The prices of our parts have been calculated in such a way that an overhaul or exchange system does not outweigh the cost associated with such a system, cost for:

  • Examination (and possible rejection)
  • Repair
  • Administration (also within your organisation)
  • Packaging (also within your organisation)
  • Shipping (also within your organisation)

Unless otherwise specified the defective part does not need to be returned to us.

Guarantee request

If you have summited a guarantee request and this part has been supplied as a result of this a few things need to be dealt with in agreement with the guarantee conditions or the mutual agreement made with Cargo Floor.

Guarantee requests have to be submitted beforehand, request which are send afterwards cannot be approved!


Complaints need to be summited within 8 days. Cargo Floor does her utmost best to guarantee the quality, but in the undesirable event that a part does arrive damaged of defect you can submit your complaint here.