Industrial "moving floor" technology

The ultimate Cargo Floor moving floor transport-/dosing system

Apart from installation in trucks and trailers, the Cargo Floor loading and unloading system is excellently suited as a transport system for the transportation of large quantities of automatically dosed bulk materials in industrial processes.


The loading and unloading system is used mainly as a reception bunker for bulk materials, which are then automatically transported to the factory for further processing. In addition, the manufactured materials are often stored in storage bunkers from where they are automatically transported onward for further processing or for filling trailers. The system has been implemented in many applications, among others: paper, wood-fibre, recycling, composting, chicken manure, plastic and potting compost industries. Also the system is used as a feed bunker in the chicken feathers, pig bristles and blood meal processing industries. Furthermore as a domestic waste transshipment and as a feeder for shredders, presses and incineration furnaces.

Cargo Floor moving floor trailer and factory


Custom made

  • Easy link to external command actuators for example: sensors, timers, etc.
  • Easy connection to other receiving systems as: chain plate conveyors, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, etc.
  • Fully supported sub-floor structure, capable of handling lorry and shovel traffic
  • Floor profile material, selection from: steel, Hardox, aluminium and other materials
  • Tailor made solutions for every application (also 100% Leak Proof)
  • Very easy, fast installation
  • Almost unlimited floor capacity (1-500t.)
  • Solid plastic guidance for the floor profiles over the entire length
  • Transport speed can be precisely controlled from 0-2.5 mtr./min.
  • Precise product dosing
  • High operating reliability due to excellent, maintenance-free design


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