CF500 SLC The ultimate solution for optimal return

Cargo Floor has designed a revolutionary new moving floor system in close collaboration with fitters and end-users, and based on the experience acquired with the Cargo Floor transport system. This new moving floor system makes use of the very latest engineering developments, including the newest materials. The CF500 SLC transport system is powered exclusively by hydraulics – as a result of which atmospheric conditions have no influence whatsoever on the system’s performance.
Cargo Floor moving floor transport system; CF500 SLC drive system

A few characteristics of the CF500 SLC moving floor system:

  • The lightest system in its category in the world
  • The maximum possible cargo volume
  • NO electronics, fully hydraulic
  • Can be driven over with almost every type of fork lift truck
  • Maintenance free
  • Simple operation loading/stop/unloading
  • Fast, floor speed of 0 - 2,5 mtr./min.
  • Multifunctional
  • Maximal payload 40 ton


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