LP-series; CF3 LP-2         "100% WATERTIGHT"

This 100% watertight Leak Proof Cargo Floor moving floor system has been developed for transporting environment polluting products, both in the form of loose bulk material as well as compressed bales.

Trailer with Cargo Floor moving floor transport system

The system is excellently suited for transporting and storing DOMESTIC WASTE and vegetation waste.


To achieve a 100% leak proof moving floor in your trailer you need to use a so called Front Mount Drive Cargo Floor moving floor system of the type CF3LP. The unique and compact design and the use of space in the so-called head radius minimizes the loss of loading space. The inclined sealed partition also protects the drive system.


Cargo Floor moving floor drive system CF3 LP-2


A few characteristics of the CF3 LP-2 system:

  • Maximal volume
  • 35 ton payload
  • 100% watertight
  • Maintenance free
  • Simple operation
  • Fast mounting
  • Compressed balls as return load


More information:

Technical specifications



Type operation


Cargo Floor moving floor transport system; Leak proof floor profiles